Customers' looking for great value high speed internet services can use our Broadband Coverage Checker. We do not require precise address or geographical area details; just key in your telephone number with area code. The checker shows the exact name and location of your telephone exchange. Green and blue "tick" icons highlight the type of ADSL connection available.

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Broadband (ADSL2+/ADSL) Coverage Checker

Not sure whether you can get ADSL2+/ADSL? Please use our availability Checker, and find the best ADSL offer available at your address.

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The Service offer is extended as per Company Policies (Standard Form of Agreement, ADSL T&C, Filters, Acceptable Use Policy) upon successful compliance to credit and serviceability checks. Charges are based on a per connection basis, available for approved Residential and Business customers and cannot be clubbed with any other promotion/offer(s) from us. Certain exchanges are not upgraded to support DSL internet; we regret our inability to provide Fixed Broadband Internet connections to customers at such locations. Broadband Plans facilitate Data use only; voice and SMS services are completely restricted. ADSL/ADSL2+Broadband service is provided via the Telstra Network (we are Neither a Reseller of, Nor Associated with Telstra) and connections' entail max speeds of between 8MBPS and 20MBPS respectively. Average speeds will be lower and actual speeds vary due to a number of factors including network configuration, line quality and length, exchange area, geographical location, broadband traffic, equipment and software used. Internet connection(s) shouldn't be re-sold further down-line to for commercial profit. In saying so, we reserve the right to cancel any such identified account immediately. Applicable inclusions, exclusions, and charges related to a plan are clearly outlined within the plan itself; refer to the Critical Information Summary, FAQ's and Things to know sections for complete details. Data Limit and Excess Usage charges donot apply and usage is unrestricted; please check the subscribed offer details. Charges include cost of a 4 Port Wi-Fi Modem. Additional Line Connection charges may apply for some new connections. The minimum monthly charges are $45.00 for Metro (Zone 1) customers and $55.00 for Regional (Zone 2) Customers. The total minimum cost (without any discount), including GST is $1,149.00 for Metro (Zone 1) Customers & $1,389.00 for Regional (Zone 2) Customers over 24 months, including the onetime Set-Up Fee of $69.00 added on the first months invoice. Plan prices are subject to revisions. Bundle Discount eligibility (only where applicable) will extend to customers whose accounts are held in same name and address. Customers transferring to us may forfeit any e-mail addresses with their current ISP unless private arrangements are made to retain them. Please note that your first bill will be prorated; means you will be charged one month's plan fee in advance plus the monthly fees applicable divided into the number of days in the current month that you've been with us. An Early Termination Fee (ETF) of $199 is applicable per service if the services are cancelled or terminated within the contracted term or after the cooling-off period i.e. 10 business days from the day after receiving the welcome pack. We reserve rights to withdraw or extend this offer at any time without any notification whatsoever. Please call/email us for further information.

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