Phone Features

Phone Features are optional value added services which help in enhancing your calling experience. Handy features include Message bank, Calling Number Display, Silent Number and are very good as everyday on call options. Features have been designed to suit both home and business needs. They can be installed very easily

Features listed above are some of the highly popular, in demand, features. Click the drop down below for a detailed list of all available features.

Should you choose to set up any of the services listed above or any other feature, please call us on 1300 306 983 or mail: The drop down below, lists all features' with the applicable prices, including GST, for better understanding.

Phone Features Price (inc. GST )

Click a Phone Feature
All rates include GST

Local Number Portability option is available for customers changing their phone company and wanting to retain their existing telephone number. This process is called Porting.

You agree to pay us an administrative charge if you wish to port your local number:

LNP - Service Schedule Charges (Inc GST)

Per number (simple port)


Analogue Indial Numbers

- first batch (up to 100 numbers)
- each additional 100 numbers (or part thereof)



FaxStream, MSN (Multiple Service Number)

- first batch (up to 2 numbers)
- each additional number



Centel Plus, Linehunt

- first batch (up to 5 numbers)
- each additional number



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